Invest in Precious Metals

At Solidús Áures we are convinced that Precious Metals are an excellent long-term investment alternative. We believe that the future returns on these products will be outstanding. If you’re still not sure if precious metals are an alternative for you, here are 10 reasons why these products are our favorite investments:

1) Simple Investments for Simple people

At Áureus we are simple people. We like to see, touch, understand and know where our money is. Precious metals are also extremely simple investments, you don’t have to be a financial expert to get the long-term benefits of these products regal assets reviews.

If you do not know what to invest in, you do not understand the complex and sophisticated products that your executive offers you, you do not understand what fund A is or you simply do not like to see numbers on your computer screen, we offer you a more concrete alternative.

Think that for century’s people have treasured precious metals without having any technical knowledge. Just buy the precious metals, store them well, and consider them a long-term savings. In 5, 10 or 20 years you will have seen your savings grow steadily.

2) Precious Metals maintain their Value over time.

It is said that in Roman times when the circulating Gold coins were Solids and Aureus, a man could be dressed from head to toe in the best costumes of the time with an ounce of Gold. That has not changed in the last 2000 years.

Precious metals have demonstrated, more than any other investment in the world, that they maintain their purchasing power. They are excellent inflation havens and respond very well when prices for other products soar.

3) Precious metals deliver high returns

Precious metals are highly profitable investments. Products such as Gold and Silver have delivered average annual returns of over 10% in the last 15 years. Those investors who bought silver in 2001 and sold 10 years later in 2011 generated returns of over 1000%.

4) Precious metals offer different levels of Risk.

Generally speaking, precious metals such as Gold, Platinum and Palladium offer investors moderate risk levels in exchange for excellent returns. If you don’t want to risk too much, maybe these metals should be in your investment portfolio. On the other hand, for those investors willing to risk more, other precious metals such as Silver allow them to access much higher future returns.

5) Precious Metals are more appreciated in Crises

Amazing as it may seem, precious metals go up in price when all other investments go down. It happens that investors seek the safety of these products in times of crisis. This is, in our opinion, the greatest strength and the main reason to invest. Having small stocks of precious metals will give you peace of mind that your savings will be well protected when the tough times come.

6) Precious Metals diversify your savings / investments.

If you are one of those who have a large part of their savings or their assets in pro-cyclical assets (Your AFP, Your House, Cars, Term Deposits, FFMM or Shares) then you have all the eggs put in the same basket. Having precious metals among your assets will help you diversify your risk and reduce the possibility that economic turmoil will play a trick on you. In simple words, Precious Metals act as Insurance.

7) Precious Metals are scarce, very scarce.

It is estimated that all the gold in the world fits in a 20-meter cube, and silver is only about 10 times more abundant. Have you heard of Easter Lama, the controversial gold mine that could place Chile among the largest producers worldwide? Well, Easter Lama would only produce 1 cubic meter of gold a year. The fact is that there are more people than ounces of any metal destined for investment, even combining them all we would not be able to give an ounce to every person in the world. Feel lucky if you already have one!

8) The Offer / Demand

If you are a strong believer in the law of supply / demand, perhaps this will help clarify your doubts. It is estimated that the amount of gold available in the world grows at rates close to 2.5% -3% per year. On the other hand, the Royal Canadian Mint reported in 2013 a growth in sales of Silver Maple Leaves close to 60% and an incredible growth of 144% for its Gold products, best of all: not in money, in sold units!!

9) They do not generate liabilities

Well, well, this is a little bit harder to explain but it’s important, so pay attention. Whenever you invest your money in some financial instrument such as stocks, mutual funds, time deposits etc. the entity that receives your money generates a “liability” that is, it is obliged to return all (or a part) of your money. Obviously they take your money and invest it or lend it to other people but they don’t have it available to return it to you. Today the amount of “liabilities” far exceeds the amount of money available. Simply put, if we all ask for our money back at the same time there is no possible way to get it back. By purchasing and storing accurate metals you eliminate the “counterparty risk” as you do not have to ask anyone to return your money, your coins are secure in your safe.

10) They are really precious

For those like us who come from the world of Numismatics and Collecting, Investment Coins are true works of Art. The artistic work of the minter engraved on a metal as noble and scarce as Gold, Platinum or Silver leaves no one indifferent and makes these products truly unique. Our invitation is not only to benefit economically from precious metals in 5, 10 or 20 years from now, but rather to enjoy the journey. We hope that when you purchase our products, you will admire them for their beauty and receive that little extra satisfaction that a job well done gives you.