Reasons why Dental Fillings are Vital

Tooth enamel is damaged because of poor hygiene. Enamel is the white part of the tooth that has plaque buildup; decay will affect the hardest tooth that has holes developing around the teeth. These holes are known as cavities and they help to make the teeth sensitive especially to cold or heat causing the pain with cavities. If the cavities are not going to be treated by a dental expert, the affected teeth will decay

The inside material of the teeth will be exposed because of tooth decay. This will cause more dental problems and pains. If the teeth has developed cavity, it is prudent that you visit a dentist so that he will put Dental fillings on the cavities. This method is applicable if the decay will not affect the nerves of the tooth. In this situation a root canal procedure will be carried out.

Tooth fillings, is performed to grownups and kids who are suffering from cavity. The dentist will identify cavity around the teeth and level of decay. Then the teeth are going to be cleaned of any decaying material like bacteria using a laser. The teeth that need Dental fillings will be isolated for placement of different bonding chemical adhesives in the cavity. There are various materials which are used for tooth filling such as gold fillings, plastic and silver. From all these materials Gold is costly but it can last for over twenty years. Plastic is the cheapest material but it is never used for cavities that need large tooth filling.