What is e-reputation?

Nowadays, if anyone wants to know anything about your business, his first reaction will be, no doubt, do a search on the latter, its products and services on the Internet.

This will be, in many cases, a prerequisite for any business relationship with your company.

The suites depend largely on the content to which such research will allow access to the user interested in your products or your services.

Your online reputation is thus made up of all of the information anyone can find on your business in the search engines, both on your website or on your profiles in social networks than on media that escape more or less in your control, such as blogs, forums and opinion available on the Net.

Yet the digital reputation management expert having nothing in virtual reality (its repercussions are indeed feel in “real life”, resulting in an influence on your turnover, for example), you will have interest, for the sake of preservation of your activity, to care and maintain your digital / e-identity reputation.

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